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Bard Guide

Update: The article below is just a brief introduction to the Bard. I’ve since then come across this guide. If you haven’t got it already – I recommend the first thing to do is head over and get yourself a copy. Not only does it have a much more detailed and up-to-date chapter on the Bard, but an amazing leveling guide as well (see my review). I could have saved myself a lot of trial and error with this (then again, I wouldn’t have written this blog post and you wouldn’t be here…).

ffxiv bard

The Bard. Bards were one of the most sought after classes to have in any XP group. Their ability to provide buffs to everyone around them, while also being able to pull enemies and crowd control them until the group was ready to fight, made Bards one of the most useful classes for group play back in the day. In Final Fantasy XIV, Bards are actually able to fight with bows, making it appear that while they are still able to provide buffs to everyone around them, they’re also going to be able to deal at least some damage at range, even though they won’t come close to black mages.

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